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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

We help non-technical founders build their app, and take them from idea, to market. Our processes in successfully creating a Mobile Application includes.


A Prototype is an early sample of the app – it looks and behaves like an app, but it is not exactly the real thing. Prototypes are perfect for selling to early customers, pitching to investors, and convincing other stakeholders. You can make unlimited adjustments on a prototype without incurring so much cost and time. This is our secret sauce, we help you continuously refine your product until we achieve perfection.

Mobile App

Once you are equipped with a Prototype, then building the mobile app becomes a straightforward process. Our engineers simply get to work, and you get a fully functional app in 4 weeks.

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You have launched your app, now what? This is where a lot of first-time entrepreneurs get stuck. Unfortunately, most marketing agencies out there are not really built to work with startups – they simply do not understand. The App-360 service is a “no-bullshit” marketing service designed to get your product in the hands of potential customers or users.

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Market Research

You want to find out if that business opportunity exists OR you need insights into what the market thinks of existing alternatives and competitors? Most marketing agencies are not structured to support startups or growing businesses. We will get out there and do the dirty work. We will ask real questions, get feedback, and collate these into a simple report you can make decisions with.